Somalia’s Security Sector Reform Explained

A joint effort of UNSOM and the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Integrated Security Sector Reform (I-SSR) Section provides strategic advice and technical support to the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States-led security sector reforms in-line with the Comprehensive Approach to Security (CAS), the National Security Architecture Agreement, the Transition Plan, and the Security and Justice Road Map.

In this context, the work of the I-SSR Section is based on the agreed CAS principles of ensuring that Somalia’s security institutions are affordable, acceptable and accountable and able, and is focused in the following specific areas:

Security Sector Governance

  • Rightsizing and Integration: Providing advice on rightsizing of the Somali security forces, including legislative support to the Federal Parliament and support to a politically committed integration process, in-line with the National Security Architecture Agreement.
  • Maritime Security:  Contributing to Somalia’s maritime domain, with the support of the UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to empower the maritime components of the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States through the development of strategic policy frameworks, capacity building and capability enhancement initiatives as an important step towards establishing Somalia’s ‘blue economy.’
  • Weapons and Ammunition Management: Supporting the Federal Government of Somalia in fulfilling its requirements relating to the UN Security Council’s partial arms embargo.
  • Financing of Security:  Working with the World Bank to ensure both organisations’ comparative advantages are maximised and that engagement focuses on the financing of security and analysis linked to Somalia’s Security and Justice Public Finance Management.
  • Constitutional Review:  The UN provides technical assistance to the Federal Government of Somalia in the review of the 2012 Provisional Constitution, in particular by reviewing its Chapter 14 pertaining to ‘Peace and Security’.
  • Joint and Cross-Cutting Engagement: To advance SSR efforts in Somalia and with the aim of taking advantage of both organisations’ SSR technical expertise, the I-SSR Section and AMISOM SSR Team work closely to support the Somali Government-led security sector reforms and enhance effective governance and oversight of the security sector.

This document originally appeared on the website of the United Nations Mission to Somalia (UNSOM)