Somalia’s Security Sector Reform officials receive biometric registration training

AMISOM Police is conducting training on biometric registration for Federal Government of Somalia staff to help spearhead the integration of federal member state forces into the Somali national security forces.

Officials from the Ministry of Internal Security are attending the two-day course, in Mogadishu, to acquire the necessary skills needed to register members of federal member state forces operating in Galmudug state. A team of officers have already been trained in Jubbaland and South West states to perform the same function.

‘This particular exercise is being done to capacitate the officers to go to Galmudug state to also register the regional forces there,’ Paul Kissi Frimpong, AMISOM Police Deputy Coordinator in charge of Reform, Restructuring and Development said.

Mr. Frimpong explained that AMISOM Police decided to train Somali officers to be part of the exercise after the Federal Government requested the AU Mission’s assist in registering the pro-government armed groups.

‘Apart from the SNA (Somali National Army), some of these states have some security forces that have been supporting them to fight the Al-Shabaab. These forces are outside the SNA and (those are the ones) we are going to register,’ he added.

Last month AMISOM and Somali security officers commenced the registration of Darwish militia in Jubbaland to pave way for their integration into the Somali national security forces. The Darwish militia group has been helping the Jubbaland administration fight Al-Shabaab militants and restore law and order.

Mr. Frimpong said the exercise was part of AMISOM’s plans to develop capacity of the Somali national security forces to enable it take over security responsibilities once AMISOM exits.

‘We want to capacitate them (Somali officers), give them the skills to be able to assist in the ongoing exercise of registering the regional forces. As you are aware AMISOM is transitioning which means that the Somali security forces must take over all security responsibilities,’ said Mr. Frimpong.

The AMISOM officer noted that it is important for the Federal Government of Somalia to have comprehensive information of its officers to help in the planning and execution of security matters.

Last year, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing the gradual reduction of AMISOM troops and transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali national security forces.

Unmodified version of this article has originally appeared on the website of the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM).