Somali Police Force role in the successful conclusion of the nationwide exams

Police officer proctoring students sitting for an exam.
Photo: SSR/Abdinasir

Over 70,000 students from across the country have sat for the standard eight secondary school leaving examinations.

The examinations commenced on the 18th of July and have concluded on the 22nd of July without any notable challenges.

The Somali Police Force has deployed 2,000 police officers to the examination centres.

The officers have played an integral role in the successful conclusion of the exams. They have supervised the security of the examination venues and assisted the examination team in proctoring the students.

‘The Somali Police Force has been under immense pressure to oversee an event with such magnitude’, said 1st Lt. Abdullahi Abdi Mohamed, Waberi District Deputy Police Commissioner, who has been overseeing the security and the proctoring of 19 schools in the district.

‘We have managed the expectations without challenges. The police ensured that there were no disturbances whatsoever that could have caused disruptions. We are now in the last days.’ He added.

The police stand for the safety of the people.