Somali National Army soldiers receive Security Sector Reform training

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Tuesday conducted an awareness training for Somalia National Army (SNA) personnel in Kismayo, the administrative capital of Jubbaland state, to educate soldiers on human rights as well as mainstreaming gender into their operations.

The training was attended by over 60 SNA soldiers and officers operating in Jubbaland state. They were taken through important lesson such as security sector reforms, gender mainstreaming, and prevention of conflict-related sexual violence, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Colonel Mohamed Bedel Hassan, commander of the 11th Division of the 43rd battalion of SNA in Jubbaland, who spoke after the training, said the soldiers had learned valuable skills that would enable them to execute their duties diligently.

‘Today, at our 43 battalion headquarters, the training was held on the dangers of recruiting children into the forces, deforestation, environmental protection and taking care of our neighbourhoods. The training went well and we hope such trainings to continue in future. The training is important because helps us clean and protect the environment,’ the Colonel added.

Hamouda Mohammed Kanu, the Head of AMISOM Security Sector Reforms stated that the workshop was aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of the soldiers about human rights issues.


It was to sensitize them on issues of security sector reform, issues of conduct and discipline, issues of gender mainstreaming, issues of international humanitarian law and issues of environment protection and child protection,’ Hamouda said.

Brigadier Juma Mwinyikai, AMISOM Sector 6 Commander reminded the soldiers to relate with the civilian population and during their operations and protect the most vulnerable members of the community, especially women and children.

‘You should be aware of civil-military cooperations, how to relate in uniform with our brothers and sisters who are not in uniform, how men and women in uniform relate with the population and the civilians in villages and towns, also the issue of security sector reforms. We tackled international humanitarian law, human rights, gender, child protection and conflict related sexual violence,’ Brig. Mwinyikai said.

Mohamed Hussein Hassan, a Somali SNA soldier, said the training had given him important lessons on human rights and the protection of vulnerable people.

‘I thank the organizers of this important training which includes how not to violate human rights and how we need to protect the environment, protect vulnerable people and all those we swore to protect,’ Hassan said.