PM Khaire opens a modern prison home to mark the 49th anniversary of the Somalia Custodial Corps

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khaire, who attended today’s celebration of the 49th anniversary of the Custodial Corps has also opened a new modern prison home with its law courts in the outskirt of the capital Mogadishu.

‘The Somali custodial corps have had a name and prestige, and many people believe that they are prisoner’s guards. We must accept that their work is guiding, we must accept that their work is to look after, we must accept that their work is discipline and awareness, we must accept that their work is to re-help Somali people to get their life back on the right track so that they may participate in reconstructing their country and re-establish the Somali nation,’ said prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

‘I congratulate you on this day that you have successfully completed the new modern prison home to take care of the Somali criminals, but it is also clear evidence that our country is rebuilding, congratulations to the Somali custodians and the Ministry of Justice and all the justice institutions that are here to lose their lives for the country, and we send our condolences to those who have died for the last  time of the deputy prosecutor, the prisons and the courts, which means they have taken a step forward,’ added the prime minister Khaire.

General prisons have been reached at the international level of jails and completed the services needed by the prisoners and allowing their basic rights which will achieve to solve the problem of prisoners in the prison.

The Somali government has given its priority to the prisons of the country which are changed into rehabilitation centres to overcome old traditions of Prisons to be a criminal, and units of the Ministry of Justice on the Line of Security and Justice, including the improvement of prisons overall.