Cabinet approves key SNAF directives

File photo – Acting Prime Minister chairs cabinet meeting on Thursday. The cabinet approved five key SNAF directives which will facilitate the ongoing reforms in the security sector (OPM Photo/Flickr, File)

As part of the ongoing security sector reforms, the council of ministers have on Thursday adopted the Somali National Armed Forces directives for human resources, finance, logistics, transport, and weapons and ammunition.

The directives apply across the security institutions of the Federal Government of Somalia, including Somali National Army, Somali Police Force, Somali Custodial Corps and the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

The five directives are critical for establishing a robust foundation for good governance principles of accountability and transparency in the security institutions and will improve the recruitment of competent and inclusive armed forces.

With these directives, the Federal Government of Somalia is establishing formal rules and procedures for the management of personnel and finance, and the implementation of effective supply chain management, resource coordination in the national armed forces, and strict weapons and ammunition control.

Moreover, the directives are essential for the implementation of the public financial management law within the security institutions and will supplement the personnel registration and payroll process, which was already in place.

The Federal Government of Somalia has made significant progress in the security sector reform over the last three and a half years and has passed a number of policies and laws which are all necessary for building a capable and responsible security force.

Last year, the cabinet adopted the SNAF Pensions and Gratuity Bill, a significant milestone for the security sector reform that will allow members of the security forces access to benefits and retirement schemes. The two Houses of the Parliament have unanimously passed the bill.